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'Wake Up Little Henry" Chapt. 3

September 26th, 2010 (09:56 pm)
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title: Wake Up little Henry
author: jbdx23
disclaimer: Spirited belongs to Foxtel, et al.
rating: .. I honestly dont know :P
spoilers: 1x05
summary: Henry's thoughts through out Ep1x05. Will be multi chaptered and following Henry's POV.
Henry strolls through the boredom of the day while waiting for Suzy to come home. When she does, they have a nice talk...

title: Wake Up little Henry
author: jbdx23
disclaimer: Spirited belongs to Foxtel, et al.
rating: .. I honestly dont know :P
spoilers: 1x05
summary: Henry's thoughts through out Ep1x05. Will be multi chaptered and following Henry's POV. Henry strolls through the boredom of the day while waiting for Suzy to come home. When she does, they have a nice talk...

The kids are home now. With that crazy bird. Her voice is driving me up the god damn fuckin wall. I grumble at the thought of me having to sit here for at least another two hours waiting for Suz to come home.

Music starts to flood my mind. I must have a song stuck in my head. But I cant place it. It sounds like nothing I have heard before. I get up and walk around the apartment trying to place this fuckin song. Until I realise its coming from Elvis's room.

I walk through the walls into his room and see he is mixing.

And it sounds fuckin brilliant. Maybe this will keep me entertained and my mind of that dream for awhile

As he keeps playing, I move to the music, dancing. Again. So much for not trying to think of the dream...

There is knocking on the door. Who the fuck is that?

“Hi Elvis, Im a friend of your mum's” Oh it is dear Zac. Another fucking reminder of that dream. Jesus...

What he is doing talking to Elvis? He doesnt know anything about me...

“I remember Zac” Elvis is completely un-nerved.

“So Mr. Hannigan, why were you in my dreams?” I ask despite not one person being able to hear a fuckin word I say.

“What is this music?” Its his music, you tosser. Something about his Zac guy doesnt seem right. Especially since he is paying an interest in my young protege here...

“This is something I have been playing around with” hasn't your mother taught you not to be so nice to strangers, young Elvis?

“You wrote this? Seriously?” Zac askes thoroughly intriguied. What the fuck is this guy playing at? Why the keen interest Zachary?

Elvis responds in some way. I keep staring at this Zac bloke. I wonder what him and Suzy talked about when I wasn't around. Im sure it would have been about bleedin Charlotte.

“Its good”.. Oh listen to Mr. Music here. He knows a lot..

“You like it?” Elvis actually sounds surprised. Shouldn't mate.. natual talent is what you have got.

“Yeah I do, some real natural talent you have got there” Fuckin Zac took the words right out of my mouth. I cant help but laugh.

“Do you play any instruments?” .. Yes, Do you?

“Oh I dabble, guitar, piano” No real talent.

“No real talent Im afraid. Still love my music. I burnt you some of my favourites. Just for you to listen to” Im starting to get real fed up with this guy...

Elvis and Zac wrap it up with some nicities. I keep staring over at Zac. He is digging around for something. He wants to know why Suzy knows about me, thats for sure.

Elvis puts on some of the thrash that Zac has given him and I decide it is time to get out of thi soddin penthouse and take a stroll along the pool. As Im walking out I hear Jounquil kicking out Zac. I almost give the poor lass a clap. Couldn't have kicked out a nicer person love...

I spend the next all the last hours of this day thinking of all my memories. Of the band, of home, of my parents, Of Charlotte and the new memories of Suzy and her life. I still can't conenct the dots between 20 odd years thats missing in between. I try to focus on extracting anything from that period...

But I cant.

All I can think about her.

The way her hair smelled, the sound of her voices, the smile she was wearing this morning, her touch on my skin.

I sigh as I feel my mind go through the mental torture of pining over impossible things.

I sit up rather quickly and realise its almost time for Suzy to come home. I move without thinking. And I move fast. Rushing towards her penthouse.

I move into the lounge room and see the kids plastered to that immense telly. I stride into the kitchen and see Suzy and Jounquil chatting.

About Steve.

I roll my eyes at how annoying Jounquil is being right now. As I come up behind Suzy and stand right behind her, almost touching again. Just like in the dream. She doesnt seem to notice that Im here. That Im this close. She keeps chatting away. I do not give a stuff what they are saying, all I can do is roam my eyes along the curve of her back and the side of her neck.

I take one step back quickly as I realise Jounquil is leaving. Im still standing close to her but not close enough for her to be scared... I hope.

She spins around and sees and jumps slightly. She quickly smiles. The same smile as this morning. The deliriously happy one. Is that smile pop up because I am around? Mmm Suzy Darling, you still intrigue me.

“I didnt notice you come in” Yes, You were too busy talking about Steve...

“You were too busy talking about Steve” Shit.. I was only suppose to think that...

“I wasnt too busy, just not paying attention to anything really. I keep on zoning out. Its Strange” Yeah, love know the feeling.

“So have a good night's sleep?” Why did I ask that? Its not like I want to tell her about the dream... Do I? A coy smile appears on her. Wait on, why is she smiling like that...

“Best sleep I had in a long time” She keeps smiling as she serves out the delicious food. She walks past me and calls the kids. They are eating now. Lucky sods. I decide to go out on the balcony. She hates it when I watch them eat. Finds it un-nerving. Who gets nervous when people watch them eat? Honestly?

I watch the city as they eat. It really is a nice place. Looks gorgeous at night. I look to my left and she is standing next to me with a glass of wine. I look behind me and see that there dinner is over and Verity and Elvis have gone to their rooms. We can talk safely... But what to talk about? Why do I feel nervous?

Its just Suz. And it was just a dream. Time to let it go. Get back to fucking reality Henry...

Although never was a fan of reality, perfered drugs much more...Here it goes.

“I had a dream last night...I was having a beer” She looks strangely nervous “it was fuckin lovely” Way to have some balls, Henry.

“Oh, really?” she is fiddling again. Just like in my fantasy. Something is up with her. Why is the discussion of dreams making her edgy? It should be making me edgy god damn it.

“Me and good ole Zac. Havin a beer and a packet of crisps down at the pub” She sounds relieved as I tell her I dreamt about Zac. She still looks more awkward then she normally does.

“Sounds like a rather boring dream” trust me Darling, it wasnt. I start to move to sit down... Its now or never.

“It got better” I try to sound mysterious.

“Yeah” she swallows her wine in one big gulp. She is nervous again.

“Yeah, I had a little dance...with you” I sound amused. Im torn between amusement at the sitatuion and curiousity to how she will react and why she is so nervous. She quickly sits on the chair next to me and leans over ot me, looking positively raidant and excited. Its lovely...

“Thats impossible” Dreaming of you love isnt impossible. But I decide its best if I mask with a joke...

“As I remember it, I was pretty good” She still looks like she is going to burst out of her skin in any second. Why is it so impossible for me to dream about her? ... Must have some real self esteem issues.

“No, no Henry. I dreamt last night that I danced with you” My mind does a double take. What Did she just say? Does that mean this morning she knew what she was talking about? .. She dreamt it to?

“What?” is my only eloquent response.

“In this big, huge beautilful room” the realisation slowly sinks it. It was real. She was her and I was me. We danced. We touched. I could jump for fuckin joy right now.

We look at each other strangely. Like we both want to know what the fuck is going on...

“So did we dance or didnt we?” I know we did, I can feel you still against my skin. I remember it all. You remember it all Suz.

“We must have done. We both remember it” She looks terrifed and happy at the same time. What is running through your head love?

“Surely its not pssible” Yeah well I didnt think ghosts were either Suz but here we are. I have to prove myself ...right. How?...

“Really? You're ticklish, right?” I look at her as instensly as I can. It was real for me. Dont you dare take this away from me. I need to relive that again. She just keeps looking at me. Stunned and anxious and nervous. She doesnt know what to do. And neither do I. All I know is that we can touch each other in our Dreams. We can share dreams...

“But we were asleep. It was a dream” A dream that felt more real than anythine else. More real than right this second.

“We can met in our dreams” I keep staring at her, remembering every moment of that dream. Getting so much pleasure knowing that she felt what I felt too. That we shared that. She looks at me semi shocked with a hint of nervous excitement. She wants to dance again.. I knew it.


“So maybe Ill see you down at the pub later then” I cant fucking wait.

“Alright, Ill try” she says smiling. God she is just... I want her in my arms again.

I get up quickly. “Hammer and Sickle. Dont be late” I turn my head to watch her staring at me in a stunned shock.

I keep walking around her apartment as she sits on the balcony. I can not wait for the moment of sleep. I want to touch her again. Touch her more. Feel more of her heat. I have never craved something so much in my life. And I have had many healthy drug addictions... I never even felt this way about Charlotte...

What the fuck is she doing to me?

I lay down on the empty couch and close my eyes, reliving every moment of tha glorious dream...


Posted by: kelzkrazee (kelzkrazee)
Posted at: October 14th, 2010 02:50 am (UTC)

I am absolutely loving this story, please keep going with anything Spirited!

Posted by: jbdx23 (jbdx23)
Posted at: October 20th, 2010 12:05 pm (UTC)

having a bad case of writers block but I will come back to it :)

Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: February 21st, 2011 12:22 pm (UTC)
Репетитор Химии

жесть! смотрите до конца чтобы понять, в конце просто ОФИГЕННЫЙ прикол XD

Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: April 3rd, 2011 12:39 pm (UTC)


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