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Spirited: 'Wake Up Little Henry' chapt.2

September 24th, 2010 (09:58 am)

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title: Wake Up little Henry
author: jbdx23
disclaimer: Spirited belongs to Foxtel, et al.
rating: .. I honestly dont know :P
spoilers: 1x05
summary: Henry's thoughts through out Ep1x05. Will be multi chaptered and following Henry's POV.
The Morning After the Dream...

title: Wake Up little Henry
author: jbdx23
disclaimer: Spirited belongs to Foxtel, et al.
rating: .. I honestly dont know :P
spoilers: 1x05
summary: Henry's thoughts through out Ep1x05. Will be multi chaptered and following Henry's POV. The Morning After the Dream...

I feel my head slowly drop. Jolting me awake. I feel lousy. I always feel lousy when I wake up. I slowly stand, feeling immensely tipsy.

How can I feel alcohol?...

The dreams floods back to me as I look up into the lights above me. Beer, Cigarettes,The Hammer and Sickle, Billy, Zac, storms, Suzy,... dancing with Suzy, touching Suzy.

Fuckin hell...

I almost immediately stride to Suzy penthouse, going through as many walls as I can. Needing to see her. I slowly move through the penthouse, going through the lounge room. Noticing that everything is quiet. She must still be in bed. I feel the disappointment weigh heavily in my chest as I wonder how long I will have to bloody wait for her to rise and shine. I turn to the kitchen and decide to wait in there.

I walk into the kitchen, not noticing anything in the world as my memories flash to my dreams.

Out of nowhere I hear a yelp. Its her. She is in the kitchen. She is awake. I scared the life out of her.

“Oh jesus!” I impulsively say as she giggles. Her laughter sending shivers down my spine. All I can do is think about that god damn fuckin dream. A dream she wasn't really in. I have to come back to reality. Where I am dead and she is alive. Where I can't touch her...

“You scared me” there is the real Suzy Darling. Stating the obvious. I watch her smile. She looks happier than she normally does in the morning.

“What you doing?”

“What's it look like?” .. What? Did she just say that? Why is the universe reminding of the impossible dream? This is like torture. It is like the universe is teasing me. She is teasing me.

If only she knew...

“Whats it look like?”I say very casually, shrugging. I have to forget this dream or Ill be agony for the rest of the day... ok the rest of my fuckin undead existence.

“Im just getting ready” She is sounding serious all of a sudden. Im overwhelmed by the feeling of wanting to make this Suz like the Suz of my dreams. I want to have some fuckin fun with her. But the real Suzy is too rigid for that. Maybe I should just pull that fun Suz from the poofs party and my dreams to come out and play...

I just keep smiling at her, staring right through her. I can tell she feels uncomfortable and unsure of what is happening. Her awkward laughter eases out of her mouth. Is this my plan? Who the fuck knows. All I know is I cant not smile when I look at her.

“What is it?” an awkward smile is painted on her face.

“Nothing. What?” I say more defensively then I want to. I'm suppose to be Henry Fuckin Mallet not some love sick puppy. Just get her to let out 'your Suzy'. It'll cure your boredom...

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I cant stop smiling, I must look like a right tosser.

“Like what?” My mind's eye smiles proudly as my attempt at casual Henry works. She laughs to ease the tension and finally moves her eyes away from mine. Like they would burn. Like I might see something in them that I'm not suppose to see. Interesting...

Her quick movements rattle my thoughts. She tries to walk past me.

I'm not havin any of that love.

I slowly step in front of her. Still staring into her. Un-nerving her. She tries to move to the other side of me but I keep following her. A part of me thinks it might be time to play...

“What are you doing?” she looks very confused. Poor Darlin'. No way I'm giving up on the prospect of 'my Suzy' coming out for little chat.

“What's it look like?” I swing my hands behind my back, feeling overwhelmed with the sense of smugness. I know something she doesn't know. For some strange reason, that thought gives me almost as much pleasure as our dance... Almost.

“I've got to have a shower” she sounds borderline frustrated. I sigh in my head. My plan isn't working. She is exactly like how I left her before we all went to bed. My smile drops.

“Rightyo” I side step to let her past as my mind wonders to the idea of her being in the shower. The thought alone is enough to get a dead man's heart racing.

I watch her walk away in a hurry. If only I wasn't a moral man, Id go in there and have a sneak peek of her showering. Mmm its too bad. I start to make my way out of the kitchen. Tearing myself away from temptation.

I stroll down the halls of the Elysian. Trying to not think of the dream, of Suzy and especially of Suzy's current activities. I go and visit all the pathetic residents of this deary place.

I spend the whole day wondering around the halls bringing Potter along with me. I avoid two places; Suzy's work and the ballroom.

Somehow after drifting aimlessly around this land of boredom, I'm sitting on Suzy's couch.

2:36pm. Fuck, still hours until she comes home. What to do? I scan the paper sitting on the lounge next to me. Bleedin fuck, nothing exciting... Maybe I should try sleeping.

“Are you just sitting there? Waiting?” I nearly jump out of my skin and jump out of the couch and see Suzy standing behind me.

“No love. Arent you suppose to be saving teeth from the horrors of humans?” I say not really paying attention. Not after she disturbed my thoughts on dreaming about her.

“I thought Id come home early” She walks off down to her room and all of a sudden she turns on the radio and some modern piece of trash blares throughout the apartment.

She walks back in the room. The mixture of her and music reminds me of that soddin dream. Suddenly I don't care about tryin to nod off anymore. All I care about is watching her.

She spins around and faces me as she cleans the dining table.

“You are looking at me like that again” She fiddles uncomfortably with all the records and books and papers on the table. I stand up and stride over to her. I have a new plan.

“Like what, Suzy Darling?” I creep closer to her with every word as she moves herself back until her back hits the edge of the table. I can see her chest start to heave faster. I am effecting her.

“Like you know something I don't” I step as close as I can to her without touching her. I can almost feel the heat of her body radiating out. She is so close. The real Suzy is right there. The thought almost sends me over the edge.

I lean my mouth right near hers and watch her body react. Heavy breathing, knees weakening.

“That's because I do love” I keep my mouth so close to her lips, watching them spread apart. Waiting for me to kiss them. I keep her memorized by letting my hand hover over her arm and slowly hover over cheek. Without touching her. Teasing her. I angle my lips in closer and suddenly voices are in the back of my mind.

I try to push them out until they get louder and louder. Its Jounquil and the little one. These intruding voices almost make me flip the fuck out. Until I look around my surroundings...

I'm still sitting on the lounge. Suzy is nowhere. Mess is all over the table. That wasn't real. But I wasn't sleeping...

I was fantasizing.

3:16pm... still hours until she is really here... FUCK