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Spirited: 'Wake Up Little Henry' chapt.1

September 24th, 2010 (09:46 am)

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title: Wake Up little Henry
author: jbdx23
disclaimer: Spirited belongs to Foxtel, et al.
rating: .. I honestly dont know :P
spoilers: 1x05
summary: Henry's thoughts through out Ep1x05. Will be multi chaptered and following Henry's POV.

title: Wake Up little Henry
author: [info]jbdx23
disclaimer: Spirited belongs to Foxtel, et al.
rating: .. I honestly dont know :P
spoilers: 1x05
summary: Henry's thoughts through out Ep1x05. Will be multi chaptered and following Henry's POV.

I Really do hate fuckin' dreams.

Bloody Zac. He seems to be everywhere. Probably fancies Suzy, which he would be wanker if he didn't. Not that I care.

I honestly I do really hate dreams. I especially hate it when I dont know where the fuck I am.

The Hammer and Sickle is non existent. Somehow I am in the ballroom in the Eylsian. Theres a figure there dancing. Thats not just anyone, its Suzy. For some reason that doesn't surprise me. Like she belongs here, like I knew she was here. Like my mind was screaming out come find her.

I can hear one of my songs all around the room. She is dancing to my fuckin' music. Never has it been such a turn on for a bird to dance to my masterpieces. It still amazes that a bird like Suz can actually have some good moves. Her swaying hips are moving in time with the enticing music. The more I see her dance, the more I am fascinated by her.

Without even thinking I have stopped walking towards her. I dont know what the bloody hell I expect from this dream. But if it is anything like my recent thoughts on the lovely Suzy Darlin', this is about to get extremely... interesting.

“Hangin' about?” I watch her turn. Her eyes aflame. I have never seen this side of my Suz. The lust in her eyes is screaming at me.

“Hi” is her only response. Her voice, lathered in seduction is making me quiver. What the fuck is happenin'?

“What you doin' here?” I have to ask. It might ruin this dream, It might snap her out of it. She might go back to responsible, real life Suzy. But I have to know. I have to know why she is haunting my dreams, if this even is my dream... could be heaven

“What's it look like?” she says in her most seductive worse. She is trying to be snarky huh? Definitely my dream then... She purposely shows off more of her moves, staring at me. If this wasn't my imagination and I was alive, I think I would've grabbed her and had my merry little way with her right then and there. For some strange reason, my imagination wants to tease me with my Suz. I smile at her as I realize that maybe dreams aren't so bad after all.

“Nice moves” My imagination is being a fuckin' pillock if it doesn't let me at least dance with her.

“Come on... dance with me”she says over her shoulder, giving me a bloody good view of her luscious arse as she dances. Thank Fuck that my imagination listens to me. I immediately walk to her as she dances, waiting for the moment where I can get a closer view of her body as she dances.

Her hand is sitting there in the air, it is an invitation to hold her hand. If only I could touch her. I settle for hovering my hand close to her. Moving it with hers along with the music, staring into her eyes deeply. The music is accompanied by fuckin' loud storm noises. I can feel the intensity building up inside me. What is this bloody woman doing to me?

My second hand joins her hand in drifting in the air, as I never look away from her face. We are circling each other, like we are each others prey. I definitely wouldn't mind possessing her. Right the fuck now. I hope I never bloody wake up.

Slowly she drags her body down my mine, still looking at me in the eye. I do not how I didnt groan out her fuckin name as I watched her almost kneeling for me... Fuckin Hell.

She spins around, her back facing me. I have to keep reminding myself this isnt real. No matter how real it feels. No matter how much I want this to be my Suz, it isnt. She isn't mine and she never will be. I can't even fuckin touch her. I snap out of my depressin thoughts as I watch her hips sway harder, focusing on being in the moment, enjoying what I can with her. She is givin me a right good show with those hips. God I want her so badly.

“Ï thought you had to be high to kick it on the dance floor” I start to sway with her, feeling the moment take me over. I dont know why I keep talking. I should just shut my gob and fuckin enjoy the best figment of my imagination I have had.

Then I hear the thunder again, she doesnt respond with words. She does something I wouldn't have thought possible. She reaches her hand around behind her and I feel it touch my neck. If I wasn't already dead, I would have died right there. I can feel her heat touching me. I feel so fuckin alive. I can feel her head rubbing up against my chest and I smell her hair. At that moment I feel that groan coming back.

Slowly she slides her fuckable body down the length of mine, letting me feel all of her. God I wish we weren't wearing these bollockin clothes right now. I feel so overwhelmed by her warmth, I feel my skin burning. Wanting to touch her. Wanting to feel every inch of her body. From this moment onwards, she will be haunting my thoughts, fantasies and dreams. I have to tocuh her...

Slowly I let my hand fall on her side as she slakes her way up. She feels fuckin amazing. I want to dream like this all day and all night. My other hand clutches at her right side. Suddenly, her laughter fills the room..

She is ticklish...

She is fuckin ticklish.

“Oh, so you are ticklish” I can hear the amusement in my voice.

“Am I?” She is back to being seductive Suz. I barely touch her again and her laughter fills the room again. Then I realize, the laughter is coming from the Real Suzy. The one laying her warm comfy bed. Not the Suzy of my mind. She is waking me...

Don't you fuckin dare wake up...